The Music listed below makes up the bulk of what
I use in my Bass Lessons, my Bass Teaching"Method"

Michael and Lourdes Montgomery’s
Published Bass Music
with Links to Purchase

Most of this Music is recorded on my YouTube Channel

Bass Solos:

Six Open String Solos for Bass and Piano (Grade 1 - beginners) | YouTube

32 Folk Songs for the Young Double Bassist (Grade 1-6) | YouTube

6 Easy Pieces for Double Bass and Piano (Grade 1-2) | YouTube | YouTube

Story Book Friends: 10 Easy Duets for bass\piano (Grade 1) | YouTube

Five Musical Miniatures for the Young Bassist – Bass\Piano (Grade 2-4) | YouTube

Sketches of an Expedition for Bass and Piano (Grade 3-5) | YouTube
– coming soon

Prayer for Double Bass and Piano (Grade 4-5) | YouTube

Hispanic Dances for double bass & piano (Grade 5-6) | YouTube

Heroes Suite for double bass & piano (Grade 6-8) | YouTube

Gamer for String Orchestra | YouTube
– coming soon

Celebrations Book 5 for unaccompanied double bass (Grade 7-9) | YouTube | YouTube

New Orleans Nights for unaccompanied double bass (Grade 6) | YouTube | YouTube

Celebrations Book 1: 9 Pieces for unaccompanied bass (Gr 6-9) | YouTube | YouTube

TBA) Reflections for Bass and Piano (Grade 3) | YouTube
TBA) Concertino for Bass and String Quintet (Grade 8)
TBA) Who’s on 1st for Bass and String Quintet or Piano (Grade 4) | YouTube
TBA) Isaac’s Concertino for Bass and String Quintet or Piano (Grade 5) | YouTube

Bass Quartets and Ensembles:

New Heights Bass Duets (Grade 2-5) coming in September ‘22

Songs from the Ozarks for double bass quartet and db & piano (Grade 5-8)

Giants & Gods: Five Quartets for Young Bassists (Grade 3-4) | YouTube

Antarctica Suite for double bass quartet (Grade 4-5) | YouTube

Ten Double Bass Quartets (Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, etc., Grade 7) | YouTube

Christmas Carols for Double Bass Quartet (Grade 5-8) | YouTube

Four Mexican Folk Tunes for Double Bass Quartet (Grade 5)

Twenty Folk Tunes for Bass Quartet (Grade 1-4) | YouTube

A Celtic Suite for Bass Quartet (Grade 3-5) | YouTube
 – coming soon to

Songs of Old Mexico for Bass Quartet (Grade 5-8) | YouTube
 – coming soon to

The Crimean Coast for Double Bass Quartet, ISMN | YouTube
 – coming soon to

Other Chamber Music:

String Quintets of Boccherini, Schubert and Onslow - Bass Parts (Level: 6-8)

(TBA) Razorback Victory Junior String Orchestra. (Difficulty level: 1-2)

(TBA) Alice in Wonderland for Violin, Bass, and Piano (Difficulty Level: 1)

Lourdes Montgomery published compositions at

Chamber Works with Bass

An overview of some of the more famous music written for small ensembles
of mixed intrumentation that includes a part for the double bass. Included are
works by Bach, Beethoven, Dvorak, Stravinsky, Satin-Saens, Mozart, Schubert,
Rosinni,, Prokofiev, etc. Included also is a brief anootation of each work and a
link to the printed music.